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Name Language Type Level Author
1° Meeting Italian Generic Basic
8x8 proportional font secrets English Font Hacking Advanced byuu
Bahamut Lagoon Italian Game Specific Intermediate Brisma
Bugfix delle patch Italian Patching Basic Psyco
Come modificare la TOC Italian PS Hacking Intermediate Sephiroth 1311
Come trovare tabelle dei font particolari Italian Generic Basic Mat
Corso di traduzioni Italian Generic Basic Auryn
DMA Transfer e Compressione Italian Assembly Advanced DarkDreAm
De-Jap Guide to Translation English Generic Intermediate DeJap
Dumping, questo sconosciuto Italian Dumping Basic Dark Schneider
Espansione fisica di una rom Italian Expansion Basic DrZork4 Translations
Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know about the Playstation But Were Afraid to Ask. English PS Hacking Intermediate Joshua Walker
First PS asm doc for hacking English Assembly Intermediate PSX Trans
Formati grafici del NeoGeo Italian Graphics Hacking Intermediate DarkDreAm
Game Boy ASM Hacking: Le compressioni Italian Assembly Intermediate DarkDreAm
Game Boy Advance: Formati comuni per la grafica e come hackerarla Italian Graphics Hacking Basic DarkDreAm
Game Boy Assembly Hacking: Volume 2 Italian Assembly Intermediate DarkDreAm
Gli algoritmi LZ77 e LZSS Italian Compression Intermediate Dark Schneider
Guida ai puntatori del Game Boy Italian Pointer Hacking Intermediate Dark Schneider
Guida al Rom Hacking Italian Generic Basic Brisma
Guida all'Assembly Italian Assembly Basic UST
Guida all'hacking della grafica nel processo di traduzione di ROM Italian Graphics Hacking Basic Dark Schneider
Guida all'inserimento di files modificati in immagini BIN Italian PS Hacking Basic PSX Trans
Guida all'uso del BinPatcher Italian PS Hacking Basic PSX Trans
Guida all'uso del Thingy Italian Generic Basic SadNES cITy